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Red Wolf Airsoft

As we've said, there are several different ways to shoot off Airsoft BB pistols and rifles, like the Red Wolf Airsoft. If you want to go for a gas version of Airsoft pistols, you have the benefit of realistic blow back action. This means you'll get the same cycling of the slide that you'd get in the actual corresponding firearm.

Electric Red Wolf Airsoft
With electric Airsoft guns and rifles, like the electric Red Wolf Airsoft, you get different benefits. If your gun is battery powered, it can shoot off BBs using a gear and piston system. With this mechanism, you get the benefit of having a weapon ranging in power from semi to fully automatic, which will come in quite handy when you're gaming.

Red Wolf Airsoft, like other Airsoft BB guns and rifles, is constantly growing in popularity. After all, if you're going to play paintball or hold war games, you want to make them as realistic as possible. That's part of what adds to the drama and excitement.

To our friends who don't understand war gaming, we sometimes explain it as a giant roleplaying game. There is nothing fun about war, but when there are no life-and-death stakes, there IS something fun about the challenge of strategizing a battle plan and executing it. Gaming with Airsoft BB guns and rifles lets us enjoy that excitement to the fullest, by adding that extra touch of realism and bringing it to the next level.

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