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Electric Airsoft Guns

Airsoft has long been a leader in BB guns and rifles. The newest wave in Airsoft rifles and pistols are electric guns. Electric Airsoft guns are gaining popularity in the world of BB guns and rifles.

The Electric Airsoft Machine Guns
Electric Airsoft guns are air-powered pistols. They can fire up to a 30-meter range with plastic BBs. Electric Airsoft machine guns are intended for indoor target training.

Replica machine guns are completely automatic. Simply holding down the trigger will send constant fire without the need for reloading. Electric Airsoft guns are battery operated, and come with an owners' manual for ultimate safety.

Types of Electric Guns
One of the best-selling electric Airsoft guns is the Desert Eagle Electric Semi-automatic. The Desert Eagle has strong blowback action. The battery-operated electric gun is made of plastic with metal internal mechanisms, and a stick-like magazine.

The M9 Military gun is also quite popular. It has a 22 round magazine with a functional trigger and hammer. A spring gun, the M9 is made from ABS plastic. Each shot requires manual pullback of the slide.

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