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Airsoft MP5

Pretty much all Airsoft BB guns are excellent, though our personal favorite of all the pistols and rifles would probably have to be the Airsoft MP5. This is a wonderfully powerful gun, and will give you an edge in any game. Still, if you want to use it successfully, there are some rules you need to follow.

Using the Airsoft MP5
While the Airsoft MP5 is usually not what you call one of the cheap Airsoft guns, it's well worth the price. However, if you want this BB gun to last, you need to treat it well. As with any Airsoft gun or rifle, you need to use the proper ammunition for the gun to work correctly.

Airsoft uses very specific BBs for their guns and rifles, including the Airsoft MP5. You can't try and swap out the Airsoft ammunition for standard copper BBs or pellets. Your Airsoft gun is not made to take this kind of ammunition, and if you try to use it, you may damage your gun quite severely.

The Law and Airsoft
Please look into your state's laws and statutes to make sure it's legal to use Airsoft BB guns and rifles in your area. This is not a problem in most regions, however there are some exceptions. For example, you cannot use Airsoft guns and rifles in New York City or in Michigan.

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