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Airsoft Laws

While Airsoft gaming is legal in most areas, it would be wise to check your local statutes before you plan your game.

Law requires Airsoft guns not to exceed a certain firepower limit in order to protect all those involved. This is usually around 300-350 FPS indoors and 350-450 FPS outdoors. Different venues, states, and countries have their own rules, so be sure to check before you play. These provisions are to ensure that the BB's do not break the skin and are for your own safety and the safety of your teammates.

It should go without saying that you should never walk around with your Airsoft pistol, BB gun, or rifle in public. These guns are so realistic that you will most certainly be met with an armed response and could potentially put your life in danger. Treat these weapons with the same respect you would a real gun.

Rules For Play

  • Most venues have limits on firepower so be sure to ask
  • Eye protection must be worn at all times
  • If you are struck by a BB you are considered "killed." Hits to your weapon are not kills. Once you are killed, you must call yourself out and walk to the safe zone where you will wait until the next game. Make sure to raise your weapon over your head and yell out "Hit" so that you don't receive more fire.

Other Playing Options

  • Medics - You may designate one player to be a medic who has the power to bring dead players back to life once during a game. The medic must physically touch the down teammate to revive him.
  • Damageable Weapons - You may consider hit weapons unusable for the rest of the game
  • Multiple Lives - You can allow players to have multiple lives. This is useful if you have an odd number or a low number of people playing. A team of four with 2 lives each can play a team of eight with 1 life each.
  • Injured Players - You can allow players hit in non-vital areas to continue playing. If someone is struck in the arm, for example, they may play on without the use of their arm. If they are hit again they are dead.
  • No head shots - For safety reasons, you can outlaw hits to the head.

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