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Airsoft Gun

If you're looking for realism in your gaming, there's nothing like the feel of an Airsoft gun. There are many types of Airsoft pistols and rifles, all of which are created with a true dedication to realism. Yet, however lethal these guns may look, they are in fact harmless and filled with nothing stronger than plastic BBs.

Airsoft BB guns and rifles began their trek into mainstream gaming from Japan. From the beginning, the goal of the makers was to create an Airsoft gun that gave gamers the kind of realism you can't find from paintball or laser tag. The realism of the guns adds enormously to the excitement of an Airsoft game, and brings the game to a whole new level.

Not only is an Airsoft gun a perfect structural replica of the real thing, but it's (usually) also to scale. Many BB guns that are replicas of rifles are made smaller or larger than the real thing, but these are not. They offer the actual sensation of what it's like to fire these exact high-powered weapons in combat.

Gaming and the Airsoft Gun
We have some friends who have never gamed with Airsoft BB guns and rifles, and can't understand why realism is so important. They tell us the realistic guns are creepy, and that it only lessens the fear one should have for the real high-powered weapons. Actually, the opposite is the case. We treat our Airsoft weapons with the utmost respect. Having dealt with these weapons, we also better understand the nature of their real-life counterparts, and fully respect their destructive power in a way non-gamers likely could not.

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