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Airsoft Gas Guns

Gas powered Airsoft rifle and pistols are a particularly powerful genre. They are not, however, the most cost-effective of the Airsoft guns. That honor goes to the Airsoft shotgun and other Airsoft products that are powered by springs.

Many people like Airsoft sniper rifles and other Airsoft BB guns that are spring powered because they enjoy the realism of cocking the gun, or working its slide. This is an extra step that you don't need to do on Airsoft gas guns. However, it can add to the realism and drama of your game.

Using Airsoft Gas Guns
Airsoft gas guns are more powerful than the spring powered BB guns and rifles. For this reason, many gamers start out with a spring powered gun, then move up to the gas powered version. The gas guns have a realistic blowback action that makes them very exciting in your games.

The gas versions of Airsoft BB guns and rifles get their power from a gas called HFC22. More commonly, this is referred to as "Green Gas." In order to use the guns, you load this gas into the bottom of your gun's magazine (along with your ammunition). Once it's loaded, your gun will fire with every pull of the trigger.

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