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Airsoft Gas Desert Eagle

In addition to their remarkable design and quality components, Airsoft products are known for their extraordinarily realistic appearance. Hailed by replica collectors and recreational enthusiasts alike, Airsoft BB guns are the most realistic on the market - and none more so than the Airsoft Gas Desert Eagle. A stunning pistol that has been modeled to shadow the .50 caliber Israeli Desert Eagle, Airsoft's Desert Eagle leaves virtually nothing to the imagination.

The Airsoft Gas Desert Eagle: A Powerful Take on the Real Thing
Airsoft has a wide variety of semi-automatic electric guns in their collection, but none match the sleek design and realistic nature of the Desert Eagle. Featuring a six inch barrel and engineered with blowback action to simulate the feel of shooting the "real thing", the Desert Eagle is certain to intimidate your play opponents long before the first shot! If you are looking for a powerful pellet gun that is perfect for both target shooting as well as outdoor game play, we strongly recommend Airsoft's Desert Eagle pistol.

The Desert Eagle requires 4 AAA that fit securely in the pistol's grip cask. Its BB capacity holds 16 pellets and can shoot up to 200 feet per second. Metal and/or paintball pellets should not be used with the Desert Eagle model. The Desert Eagle revolver is one of Airsoft's more powerful pellet guns and should be reserved for use by an intermediate BB gun aficionado.

We have tested dozens of Airsoft products and were particularly impressed with the Desert Eagle model. From its realistic feel to its shooting accuracy, the Desert Eagle is an excellent choice for recreational use. For more information about the Airsoft Desert Eagle or if you would like to know more about Airsoft products in general, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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