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Airsoft AEG

When you buy an Airsoft AEG, you get a gun in which the BBs are propelled by electricity. This is in fact the definition of an AEG, an Automatic Electric Gun. These types of rifles are highly effective, since they are able to fire in a semi-automatic to automatic fashion.

If your Airsoft AEG is semi-automatic, you'll get off a shot every time you pull the trigger. This is great, but you'll get even better results if your BB gun or rifle is automatic. If that's the case, a single trigger pull can send out a burst of BBs, giving you a clear advantage in your game.

Your Airsoft AEG operates very much like an actual automatic firearm. This is true for pretty much all electric powered Airsoft BB guns and rifles. If you're like us, you'll love the speed and realism this adds to your game.

Airsoft AEG Accessories
Just like their real counterparts, many Airsoft BB guns and rifles have special Airsoft accessories you can purchase. You can find everything from safety goggles, to silencers, to targets for your Airsoft weapons, all of which will enhance your experience with your gun. Special weapons like the Airsoft MP5 AEG often have their own particular accessories, which you can easily order online.

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